State of Matter – Teaser Trailer

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Follow the riders Moritz Petri, Vanessa Weinhauer and Hannes Praast on their incredible journey through the states of matter and around the world. Be right there, when they take their boards on water, sand, ice and into the air.
Filmed with state of the art cameras at the most breathtaking of locations, „State of Matter“ will take you on a ride you have never experienced before. And the best thing is: You can watch it for free on Youtube and Vimeo!
Get ready – the journey begins. This winter!


RED Epic 5K Widescreen / Aerials / In-Water Shots

Regie: Toby Kahler

Kamera: Toby Kahler / Div.

Produktion: MOTIONCTRL Filmproduktion

Post-Produktion: MOTIONCTRL Filmproduktion

Kunde: Intern